Bach Flower

We don't often run Workshops due to being busy in our Sydney clinic as well as them being expensive for the host, however, when we do run them, the feedback is great, there is a lot of learning, a lot of laughs and serious consideration by participants of how they can improve their dog's lifestyle.


  • Our rate for workshops is $500.00 for non-local hosts and $250.00 for Sydney hosts.

  • Workshops typically run from 10am-5pm with a lunch break.

  • AM & PM workshops are welcome that fit into the above time guidelines.

  • Interstate hosts will be required to do Airport pick up and drop off's unless they authorise taxi fares.

  • Hosts are able to provide unlimited auditing spots (people who watch) for conditioning workshops however only 5 working spots (people who participate with their dogs) per session - this is because numbers greater than this can be unmanageable when monitoring a dogs correct form and handlers instruction to the dog. 

    Previous workshops have had multiple working sessions 15 minutes apart to allow for more working spots.  Conditioning workshops start with theory and examples and then build to participants giving it a go - dogs will tire quickly so sessions for actually working are capped to 15 mins per session this means that longer workshops or topic-specific workshops could potentially have more 15 minute sessions.


Hosts will need to provide:


  • Projector for PowerPoint Presentation or similar
    - If the Host is unable to provide this, they will need to cover the cost of printing workbooks for participants.  A PowerPoint Presentation is preferable

  • All props & equipment for interstate workshops

  • Lunch for presenter

  • Interstate Hosts will need to cover Airfares in addition to the Workshop rate

  • Indoor location with appropriate temperature control for the comfort of the dogs




The host is welcome to mix and match topics that we cover.  Hosts may have a specific goal of education that we can form a presentation for.  Topics we can deliver include:



  • Nutrition (Various outcomes)

  • Intro to Fitness (Conditioning) for healthy & uninjured animals

  • Conditioning for show dogs for healthy & uninjured animals

  • Conditioning for specific sports for healthy & uninjured animals

  • Intro to bodywork on your dog

  • Intro to Rocktaping