Beef Broth Concentrate

Beef Broth human-grade concentrate powder is such an awesome way of delivering gut and joint-loving nutrients without having to stink out your house!

1 teaspoon makes 100g of bone broth and is such an easy way of making bone broth! There are around 40 level teaspoons per 100g pack.

We do not use fillers/thickeners hidden under the ingredient title "human grade ingredients" that can be found in pet broth powders.  100% pure beef broth powder.


benefits of bone broth


  • High in glycine which is the main amino acid in collagen but also may support the liver

  • High in glucosamine

  • High in chondroitin

  • High in hyaluronic acid

  • Bioavailable nutrients

  • Collagen to help restore gut health

  • A great choice to support joint health

  • Great to add hydration

  • Perfect for sick dogs who need to be encouraged to take in hydration and nutrition

  • Perfect for sporting dogs on the day on a trial



There are no rules!  Seriously!  It's just food, give as little or as much as you like daily or just every now and then.  You may like to offer your dog bone broth as an entire meal once a week to promote good digestion and healthy weight.


If you really want some guidelines, you may find these helpful but we must rules, ok! :)

  • Extra small dogs & cars: 1 tablespoon

  • Small dogs & cats: 1/8th cup

  • Medium dogs: 1/4 cup

  • Large dogs: 1/3-1/2 cup

  • Giant dogs - up to 1 cup

There are around 50 teaspoons per pack.  We tested lot's of teaspoons and they all have slightly different measurements so we won't be too specific. 1 teaspoon makes 100mls.

Add 1-2 level teaspoons of bone broth powder (depending on strength you desire) to 100mls of boiling water and stir.  Allow to cool and then serve.  You can keep in the fridge what you will use within a week or freeze into moulds for future use.

Unlike the bone broth you can make yourself, bone broth powder when added to boiling water does not gel, this is because the peptides are changed during the gentle drying process, however it doesn't change its goodness.

limited edition

Limited edittion

Our regular product is 100% pure human grade Beef broth, however from time to time we will also have on board a variety of other recipes. 

From time to time we have other flavours and they will be listed when available.



the less juicy information

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Will this supplement work for your dogs?
There is only one way to see - our supplements are affordable enough to give it a whirl and see if your dog will benefit positively like the other dogs reaping the benefits. In some cases, we have multiple supplements that have similar outcomes so you may like to try one for 3 months and then try another and see which one your dog responded to better.


Always consult with a licensed and qualified health physician before giving or using any products with your dog. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This has been provided for your information only. These statements have not been evaluated by any governing body.