Feeding too much bone is not good for dogs.  Meat should always make up the greater part of their diet whether your dog is newly transitioned over to a natural (raw) diet or not.

It is helpful for you to see the amount of bone which is contained in many of the popular feeding choices. Not all bones are the same and generally, the ones which come without skin attached have the highest bone content of all.

It's also important to note that all dogs are individuals and some will need more bone than others.  Look at your dog's stools, if they are too hard or turn white quickly then you need to back off the bone content.


Click here for a good overview of bone percentages in different proteins.


At this point, owners tend to back out of natural (raw) feeding, thinking it's just too difficult, if you're one of these people and your dog is over 12 months of age, don't over think it, give your dog edible bones daily and watch their stools and also their weight and adjust appropriately.