Sorry, we are not taking on any new clients at this time, please try Neil Barnsley for body work or Agility Fit for conditioning.

Before you book your appointment, please take a moment to read through the below. 

The calendar opens up a new day at midnight each day so we recommend checking back first thing in the morning until you can find a spot. We understand this is very frustrating and unfortunately it's not something we can control.  If you just have one dog that needs an adjustment, try booking a short "adjustment only" appointment (for existing clients only) instead, there should be more options for those spots. We are not managing a cancellation list as cancellations are rare but if they do occur, we will post them our clients only Facebook group.


You will be sent a PayPal invoice which you will need to action before your appointment. 


If you do not use PayPal, please touch base in advance.

Injured Dogs

If your dog is currently limping, we cannot see you unless you see a Vet first   for diagnosis and treatment.  If you need clarification on this point, please touch base before booking.


We conduct online and in-person nutrition consults, however we do not consult on nutrition for medical conditions such as Kidney disease - please refer onto Bentons Rd Vet Clinic (VIC)


If you require rehabilitation services such as Physiotherapy etc. you will need to refer onto an Animal Physiotherapist or Rehab professional. If in doubt, please check first.


We do not provide a diagnosis service, the only professional legally allowed to diagnose your dog is a Vet.  We will treat what we find and give you advice based on this.


If within 48 hours, you will be billed unless another client is able to take the appointment slot.  If outside 48 hours, this can be done from your confirmation email.


Fitness appointments are now closed for the summer.

Dogs get too  hot and you don't get the most out of your appointment and the equipment gets sun damaged.


You will be able to book an appointment up to 4 weeks in advance.  We can book out anywhere between 1-4 weeks in advance depending on what's happening in the dog world.


First appointments start at $70.00


Follow up appointment from$35.00


Please see the SERVICES page to learn more about what services we provide.


Please touch base before making an appointment.


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The level of care and love Sacha gives to my boys is immeasurable. It's not just the dogs either. Sacha has also given me so much of her time supporting me during times when my boys have had injuries and I have been worried sick.

Sacha has my full trust with my boys. Our dogs are in fantastic hands to have this amazing person here to help them.

Emma Mayne

 I have really noticed a difference in Mia after treatment and the fitness excercises given to support our Agility training are fantastic - thank you so muc

Lisa Shannahan

I took my little old dog to Sacha for some additional supportive care when he hurt his neck - it was amazing to see him able to relax and sleep after (and during!) the treatment. We were both very grateful!

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