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Before making an appointment with us, it is important you understand the services we offer, if in doubt, please touch base.  The booking link button can be found under the checklist.

Rates start from $35 for follow up appointments.

For our performance/conformation clients, we do not recommend adjustments are done within 48 hours of required performance as some dogs may pull up stiff for a day or 2 post adjustments.


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The level of care and love Sacha gives to my boys is immeasurable. It's not just the dogs either. Sacha has also given me so much of her time supporting me during times when my boys have had injuries and I have been worried sick.

Sacha has my full trust with my boys. Our dogs are in fantastic hands to have this amazing person here to help them.

Emma Mayne

 I have really noticed a difference in Mia after treatment and the fitness excercises given to support our Agility training are fantastic - thank you so muc

Lisa Shannahan

I took my little old dog to Sacha for some additional supportive care when he hurt his neck - it was amazing to see him able to relax and sleep after (and during!) the treatment. We were both very grateful!