Canine Conditioning in healthy, uninjured dog's is similar to a human going to the gym, the aim is to be fitter, trimmer, more balanced with improved mobility & performance sd well as being healthier leading to a longer life.


What dogs can / should do conditioning programs?
All healthy & uninjured dogs no matter what age can participate in canine conditioning on a level that is appropriate for their age and activity level.


Why should a non-athlete do canine conditioning
The same reason a non-athlete human would go to the gym - the health benefits are plenty.  Build long lean muscle, reduce weight, improve flexibility, improve organ health, improve confidence.  Dogs who move better, live longer.

Relationship & Confidence Building
One of the great side effects of conditioning is building upon the relationship between dog and handler as well increasing confidence in the dog. We get massive kicks out of seeing this happen in our classes and workshops!



What are the benefits for dogs in different disciplines?
All dogs will improve balance, strength & endurance as well as build upon their relationship with their handler & gain confidence.


Show dogs
Improved body awareness that leads to more solid stacks, improved free stacking, improved movement - both side gait as well as coming and going.


Obedience dogs
Improved endurance, improved figure 8's, tighter sits, drops etc. more comfortable and balanced stays and stand for exams.


Agility/Flyball dogs
Improved endurance, improved flexibility, faster course times, fewer bar knocks, tight turns, safer contacts & fewer injuries.


Dock Dogs
Improved endurance, faster and more powerful take offs & longer jumps with fewer injuries.

Earth Dogs
Improved endurance, improved flexibility, improved rear end awareness & improved strength.


Lure Coursing Dogs
Improved endurance, stronger & faster and more flexible with fewer injuries.


Gun Dogs
Improved endurance, stronger & faster with fewer injuries.


How long will it take?
Just like going to the gym, there is no magic wand in lieu of hard work, results will start to appear within a couple of weeks of training every 2nd day, however best results are seen over a period of 4 months.  If you're not prepared to give conditioning the time commitment it needs then you would be better to invest your money and time in another activity. 

What are the limitations?
Conditioning cannot change your dog's physical structure, however, in saying this, all dogs have structural weaknesses and conditioning can help strengthen these. 


What equipment do I need?
You are able to start with no equipment plus using items in your environment.  We do recommend a Balance Disc to start with.  As time goes on, you may like to invest in other pieces of equipment. tend to have the cheapest FitPaws equipment and you can use the code balanced5 at checkout for a discount.

Small- Medium dogs can typically get away with a 33cm Balance Disc from eBay, go to eBay and type in 'Balance Disc', the description should be a 33cm round disc with a spikey side that costs approx. $15 including shipping.

Medium-Giant dogs can use a human balance disc that is more affordable than the one made for dogs, however, you will need to ensure it is not left out to be chewed as they are not as thick.  Head here and look for the 60cm Blue Balance Disc which is usually around $55.00.


How do I get started?
The Balanced Canine offer one on one appointments at our residential property.  You will first need to have a standard therapy appointment so we can assess your dog's suitability to conditioning and start you on homework to complete the foundation work.

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