The Balanced Canine is now accepting new clients, it is important that you understand our services before making an appointment.

The majority of our clients are show and performance dogs who receive soft tissue work, body alignments, and laser to keep dogs in tip-top condition to perform at their best. We also offer nutritional consults and fitness consults outside of the summer months. We do see non-sport and show dogs for pain management conditions and tune-ups to keep them in good shape.

What we are not / cannot do

  • We are not Vets, therefore, cannot legally diagnose your dog

  • We are not Physiotherapists, therefore cannot provide your dog a physio program

  • We cannot prescribe or recommend medication

  • We cannot fix your limping dog, however, we can provide treatments to support their recovery

  • We cannot fix your dog who has a bulging disc, however, we can provide treatments to support their recovery

  • We do not see limping dogs unless the dog has been to a Vet first

What we do:

  • Assess your dog for any musculoskeletal imbalances that can be felt or seen

  • Provide treatment to improve muscular function such as massage, heat therapy & laser

  • Provide laser therapy to reduce inflammation, offer pain management, and speed up recovery

  • Provide body alignment services via an activator tool which is a tool that uses a fast impulse to put movement through vertebrae and muscles.

  • Offer Nutritional advice for non-medical conditions

  • Conduct fitness/conditioning sessions in non-summer months

  • The 2nd half of 2021 will see us offer underwater treadmill services for rehabilitation and fitness

  • We will refer you on to other practitioners or your Vet if we believe it is neccessary

About The Balanced Canine
The Balanced Canine is operated by Sacha Packer who is qualified, accredited, and insured in all services offered. Sacha has been involved in conformation showing, agility, obedience, nose works, and tricks which gives her a good understanding of the needs of your dogs. 

The Balanced Canine is operated from a residential property, therefore it is important that you keep our neighbours in mind in relation to barking, etc.

You are welcome to use the front yard to exercise and toilet your dog, please keep barking and reactivity under control for the safety and peace of our neighbours.

When we are ready for you, we will come out and get you.

Please be aware that cancellations without 48 hours of your appointment will be billed for.

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The level of care and love Sacha gives to my boys is immeasurable. It's not just the dogs either. Sacha has also given me so much of her time supporting me during times when my boys have had injuries and I have been worried sick.

Sacha has my full trust with my boys. Our dogs are in fantastic hands to have this amazing person here to help them.

Emma Mayne

 I have really noticed a difference in Mia after treatment and the fitness excercises given to support our Agility training are fantastic - thank you so muc

Lisa Shannahan

I took my little old dog to Sacha for some additional supportive care when he hurt his neck - it was amazing to see him able to relax and sleep after (and during!) the treatment. We were both very grateful!

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