Dental Health

The modern dog suffers terribly from dental issues, so much so that there are now dentists for dogs, such a thing would have been mocked just a few short decades ago.

Why do dogs suffer so much now? The majority of dogs are fed high carbohydrate diets in the form of kibble (dry food), this can cause the saliva to become sticky which creates tartar on your dogs' teeth, which then turns into hard plaque.  This hard plaque then becomes problematic as it irritates the gums causing gingivitis and bad breath. If this continues on without being treated then the gums can start to recede which can then lead to missing teeth, mobile teeth, and painful ulceration. Infections caused by these conditions can lead to lethal conditions such as kidney and heart disease.

Kibble does not clean teeth - Many pet parents are under the illusion that kibble cleans teeth, it does not because dogs by their very nature aren't chewers, they simply swallow kibble in many cases.  There are a few dental kibbles on the market where chemicals are used or special shapes are used to help to scrape the teeth, these kibbles often are high in carbohydrates and non-species appropriate ingredients.

Are your dogs' teeth in bad shape right now? It would be advisable to go ahead and have a dental and then use our dental seaweed to prevent the condition.

Other factors that contribute to poor dental health - genetics is a big one, the other one is the dogs' jaw structure and how their teeth sit in the mouth.  Some squishy face breeds referred to as brachycephalic can be more prone so you may also need to brush their teeth on a regular basis.  A piece of gauze or a facecloth with some coconut oil can do a good job. If a tooth doesn't sit quite right or there is overcrowding, this can impact our dog's dental health. Lack of bones is another contributing factor - come and join us at our fresh food group to learn how to feed bones safely to your dog and perhaps start your journey to feeding a healthy low carbohydrate diet.

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