We understand you are an existing client, we would like our clients to take a moment to refresh themselves our the terms of our service before making an appointment.


UPDATE 25.06.21

Our yards are no longer available for dogs to toilet, please use the nature strip or the park on Noel street.  Please do not move your car into the driveway until no more than 5 minutes before your appointment as leaving clients have to squeeze past your car.  You are welcome to pull up on the nature strip right outside of the property if you want to get your car off the road.

About Your Appointment
As we operate from a residential property, it is important that you keep our neighbours in mind in relation to barking, etc. I have received feedback from one neighbour in relation to barking so we really need to minimise this before a council complaint is made which could prevent us from operating - our neighbours have been very understanding to date, let's not push it :)

You will pay at the time of booking your appointment. You will receive an email confirmation, from this email you may cancel or reschedule your appointment outside 48 hours of your appointment. Appointments cannot be rescheduled or canceled within 48 hours of the appointment and will not be refunded. If you do not get an email confirmation, please contact us as it could mean your appointment has not been lodged.

Appointment time frames are a guideline only i.e. 15-30 minutes. 30-60 minutes, there is not a discount or extra payment required if appointments go under or over slightly. Nail-only 10-minute appointments cannot go over time. 

If you are late, your appointment will still technically start at the time you booked, therefore let's say you booked a 15-30 minute appointment at 12pm and you don't arrive until 12:15pm, then you only have a 15-minute window left of your appointment, we will not go overtime to accommodate lateness as this causes future appointments to run late.

When we are ready for you, we will come out and get you.

My Doggie Supplements
You will need to buy these online at least 24 hours before your appointment as we only pack based on orders. Pick ups are not available for non-clients at your appointment i.e. your friends :)

Client Only Facebook Group
This is where you can keep an eye out for cancellations or ask to swap appointments with other clients.  Where special announcements etc. are made. Click here


What we are not / cannot do

  • We are not Vets, therefore, cannot legally diagnose your dog

  • We are not Physiotherapists, therefore cannot provide your dog a physio program

  • We cannot prescribe or recommend medication

  • We cannot fix your limping dog, however, we can provide treatments to support their recovery

  • We cannot fix your dog who has a bulging disc, however, we can provide treatments to support their recovery

  • We do not see limping dogs unless the dog has been to a Vet first

  • Treat or Trim nails of dogs who have a bite history who are not muzzle trained

  • We do not do 'Nail only' appointments for a dog's first time with us, please speak to us first, this is usually a service reserved for dogs we have treated and know and have a relationship with.

  • We will not force a dog to have treatment.

What we do:

  • Assess your dog for any musculoskeletal imbalances that can be felt or seen

  • Provide treatment to improve muscular function such as massage, heat therapy & laser

  • Provide laser therapy to reduce inflammation, offer pain management, and speed up recovery

  • Provide body alignment services via an activator tool which is a tool that uses a fast impulse to put movement through vertebrae and muscles.

  • Offer Nutritional advice for non-medical conditions

  • Conduct fitness/conditioning sessions in non-summer months

  • The 2nd half of 2021 will see us offer underwater treadmill services for rehabilitation and fitness

  • We will refer you to other practitioners or your Vet if we believe it is necessary

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The level of care and love Sacha gives to my boys is immeasurable. It's not just the dogs either. Sacha has also given me so much of her time supporting me during times when my boys have had injuries and I have been worried sick.

Sacha has my full trust with my boys. Our dogs are in fantastic hands to have this amazing person here to help them.

Emma Mayne

 I have really noticed a difference in Mia after treatment and the fitness excercises given to support our Agility training are fantastic - thank you so muc

Lisa Shannahan

I took my little old dog to Sacha for some additional supportive care when he hurt his neck - it was amazing to see him able to relax and sleep after (and during!) the treatment. We were both very grateful!