Green Shell

  • CO2 Extracted Greenshell Mussel Powder from New Zealand

  • Mussels are grown in protected ocean water ways
    and feed on naturally available alges

  • 100% Freeze dried powder from the meat only

  • Contains over 18 amino acids, 10 which are essential amino acids required by dogs and 11 essential

  • Nutrients galore!


Kiwi Magic -  Green shell mussel

Perna canaliculus, the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, also known as the New Zealand mussel, the greenshell mussel, kuku, and kutai.

  • Contains > 50 % proteins

  • Contains over 18 amino acids, 10 which are essential amino acids required by dogs and 11 essential amino acids for cats

  • A tested natural source of essential nutrients for dogs.

  • Contains minerals and trace elements

  • Rich in Betaine, a natural appetizer

  • Source of Glycosaminoglycans for healthy joints

  • CO2 extraction guarantees very stable product

  • Mussels are freshly harvested , stabilised and freeze dried

  • Highly attractive taste due to Betain content

  • Powder contains essential nutrients like amino acids, as well as GAGs, Omega 3 fatty acids, Betain, vitamin and minerals

  • Supports joint agility and stamina for dogs, cats and other pets

  • Can be used alongside the supplement Antinol Rapid



Use as an occasional topper or daily addition

  • Small dogs (less than 10 kg): ¼ teaspoon daily (0.70g)

  • Mid sized dogs (10 20 kg): ½ teaspoon daily (1.4g)

  • Larger dogs (20-30 kg): 1 teaspoon daily (2.8g)

  • Large dogs (30-40 kg): 2 teaspoons daily

  • Very large dogs (40-50 kg): 3-4 teaspoons daily

  • Giant Breeds (50-70 kg): 6 teaspoons daily

100 teaspoons per 100g pack, 200 teaspoons per 200g pack.

Mix in with dogs meal.  If you feed a kibble based diet, you should mix it in with a food that is wet such as yogurt, kefir, sardines etc.

Green Shell Mussel powder is very light and fine so can be dusty if not mixed into food. Most dogs will find Green Shell Mussel powder incredibly yummy!


the less juicy information

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