• Protein

  • Iron

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Trace elements

  • Minerals

My Doggie Crack comes in an easy to administer shaker bottle.

$25 - 100g

My Doggie orders are sent weekly & are not covered by insurance for loss or damage - Australian Shipping only. We are seeing mild-huge delays with Covid delivery times, some parcels are taking 2-4 weeks to reach their destinations.

Australian Freeze-Dried Bovine Blood is a source of protein (97%), antioxidants, trace elements and minerals, especially Iron (3.5mg/100 g). Simply shake product over your dog's meal (kibble or fresh) for a nutritional boost or for fresh fed dogs, you can add water to replicate an actual blood meal.

  • Sprinkle on food
    Suitable for kibble or fresh food fed dogs.


  • Make up a liquid
    Suitable for fresh food fed dogs - blood is drained from animals during the slaughter process so this is an excellent addition for a well rounded fresh food diet.


Reconstitution info:
Add 10g of freeze-dried blood powder to 1 litre of water and allow to re-hydrate for 20 minutes, you can then shake or stick mix if you feel necc. Keep in the fridge for up to 2 days. Freeze into moulds what you will not use within 2 days.

Suggested weekly intake if providing in liquid form:

  • Dogs up to 15 kg: 100-150 ml

  • 15-30 kg:  200-300ml

  • 30kg+: 300-900 ml, depending on size.

You can give the total volume to your pet as a meal substitute once per week or add it as a partial amount to the daily raw meals.

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