Move It


  • Arthritis

  • Hip or elbow dysplasia

  • Joint disease

  • Joint pain

  • Stiffness

  • Inflexibility 

  • Lack of mobility

  • Lameness

$39 - 50g

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My Doggie Move Original it may just be what you have been looking for!  

My Doggie Move It Original is a dietary supplement consisting of eggshell membrane (EM).  EM has stormed the human nutritional supplement field due to its safety and effectiveness.

Eggshell Membrane (EM) is not a well known supplement in canine circles, however has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce joint pain, provide rapid improvement to joint function (with lasting effect), leading to an improved quality of life. In addition, the study has shown that after 6 weeks, a chondroprotective effect is demonstrated, meaning that there is protection of the articular cartilage found at the end of bones that allow bones to glide over each other with little friction.

Individual results will vary.  Maintaining a healthy weight and appropriate exercise is important to your dog’s well-being.

Pet Parent Experience:
"Halo 10.5 year old has been on My Doggie  Move It Original, he is happy now to get up in the cold frosty mornings and go for a little walk, he has a little more spring in his step. It has made a huge difference for him as usually he would just stay in bed all day with no desire to get up. It is very palatable, Halo is a very fussy eater but has no issues having this sprinkled over his food. Highly recommend for any dog who has stiffness in joints or Arthritis. Very happy to start using it on our other oldies . Thank you to the Balanced Canine." P. Zullo.

Contraindications:  Egg allergy.  No adverse effects, and there are no known drug interactions

Directions:  Mix in with your dog’s food daily.  If your dog consumes a dry food diet, mix with some wet food such as meat, sardines or yogurt to ensure your dog consumes the full dosage necessary to get the intended benefits.


13.5 mg/kg
Eggshell Membrane is a very safe nutritional supplement and has been tested for safety at up to 2,000 times the recommended dosage level so do not stress if you go a bit over when weighing micro amounts, if you go over, you'll simply go through the product faster and use more than required.

05 kilo dog - 0.07 grams per day - 740 doses per pack

10 kilo dog - 0.14 grams per day - 370 doses per pack

15 kilo dog - 0.20 grams per day - 246 doses per pack

20 kilo dog - 0.27 grams per day - 185 doses per pack

25 kilo dog - 0.34 grams per day - 148 doses per pack

30 kilo dog - 0.41 grams per day - 123 doses per pack

35 kilo dog - 0.47 grams per day - 105 doses per pack

40 kilo dog - 0.54 grams per day - 92 doses per pack

45 kilo dog - 0.61 grams per day (approx. 1/8 teaspoon) - 82 doses per pack

50 kilo dog - 0.68 grams per day - 74 doses per pack

55 kilo dog - 0.74 grams per day - 67 doses per pack

60 kilo dog - 0.81 grams per day - 61 doses per pack

65 kilo dog - 0.88 grams per day - 56 doses per pack

70 kilo dog - 0.95 grams per day - 52 doses per pack

75 kilo dog - 1.01 grams per day - 49 doses per pack

80 kilo dog - 1.08 grams per day - 46 doses per pack

Whilst pet parents will find this an affordable option, you will need to weigh very small amounts, how's your patience?

IMPORTANT: As these dosages are very small amounts, if your kitchen scale does not weigh amounts under 1 gram you will need a precision scale, we sell these in our store for $10.

 The pack is just 50g, it will look like a small amount but remember, a little goes a very long way!


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