We live in a world where we have been conditioned to accept that processed pieces of kibble are healthier for our dogs than a species appropriate diets however, Science is coming to the rescue to prove the dogs natural diet is what is best for them and now you can learn how to incorporate this into your dogs diet even if you're not ready to go fully natural.

Nutritional Consults

Our Nutritional consults are conducted in person or online via Zoom.

During this consult, we will answer all your questions the best we can, learn about your current dog's diet and needs and provide nutritional advice.

If requested, we can provide you with a complete and balanced recipe to AAFCO or FEDIAF guidelines, however, we prefer the B.A.R.F style of feeding which is more realistic, relaxed and focusses on balancing over time by feeding a variety of ingredients over time vs complete and balanced to kibble guidelines (AAFCO & FEDIAF) in every meal.

We do not conduct clinical nutrition, therefore if your dog has a medical condition that you are trying to address, we will refer you on.

Consults are around 30 minutes and start from $35.00.

Book a Nutritional Consult by heading to our booking page.

We are qualified, accredited and insured Nutritional Consultants.

Natural (Raw) Feeding a Puppy (2-12 months of age)

Natural feeding is as easy as entering your puppy's current weight or their approx. weight at maturity into our Raw Feeding Calculator.Our Calculator will give you the weights of each ingredient you'll feed and give you two different natural feeding options.

Natural (Raw) feeding your Adult dog (12+ months old)

Natural (Raw) feeding is super easy without the worry of growth issues in a puppy!  Simply enter in your dog's current weight and our Raw Feeding Calculator will give you the weights of what to feed and also give you two different natural feeding options

Why would you want to feed a Natural (Raw) diet?

Kibble companies and the likes have worked hard to try and scare dog owners off from feeding a dog their natural diet so let us take you through why feeding a dog their natural diet is natural and normal.

Modern Science & the Natural Diet

Come and learn what modern science has to say about feeding a dog their natural diet starting off with a peer-reviewed New Zealand study.

What Veggies to feed

Following the principals of Canine Nutrigenomics, come and learn why adding Fruit & Veggie to your dog's diet is an awesome thing to do and learn which ones are the best and which ones to avoid.

What Offal to feed

Learn about what is technically offal and what are technically muscle meats. Learn to how to introduce organs to your dog.

What Bones to feed

Learn what bones you can safely incorporate in dogs daily diet and what ones you should avoid.
Learn about bone percentages and how to feed to correct amount of bones.

High quality ingredients & acceptable grains

Come & learn about the best ingredients and what acceptable grains are.


​There are different schools of thoughts in regards to supplements and raw feeding, some believe a raw fed dog needs no supplementation where-as some leading Vets have said otherwise, come and learn more.

Ingredients to avoid

From common intolerances in dogs, High G.I foods to high-risk ingredients, come and learn the ingredients to give a miss.

Superboost your dogs Kibble

If you're not quite ready to go raw but you'd like to add some species-appropriate ingredients to your dog's kibble, come and learn more here

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