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Thank you for trusting The Balanced Canine with your dog/s! 
During your appointment we have mentioned post-appointment activities or let you know about the information that would be helpful to your dog - you can find this here.

Sleeping Dogs

Conditioning Workbook
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We recommend you read the beginning part up to where it starts to explain the first exercise so you can understand the why's and how's.  Then proceed to "Box Work", box work is your foundation work, get this solid and then book back in.

The boxes we use are foam floor tiles from Bunnings but you can get them from a variety of stores, they are a lady's hand high and then duct-taped together. For smaller dogs, you will make them a height that is shorter but enough to be annoying to them if they bring a leg forward into the well.  On the top, there is a non-slip tile that comes from the same sale in Bunnings that the grip tape from stairs comes from.  Sometimes people also use carpet squares.

Things to keep in mind:
- Have the rule that the dog is only allowed on equipment when it is told otherwise they can come silly and dangerous with it.

- Control the excitement, do not let them proceed to another piece of equipment until they can be calm i.e. put your front feet on the box, if you can't be calm doing this then you cannot proceed to the other box.  If this continues to be an issue, please touch base.

- Put away equipment after you finish with it.

Conditioning Equipment
Due to Covid, shipping prices are too high for many companies to bring in conditioning equipment such as balance discs. Primal Paws do stock Toto Fitness equipment but it is a bit pricey.  A balance disc in a Large size is an excellent investment if that is within your means.

In the conditioning workbook, head to Spine Stretches and Chair Stretch.  If your dog is too small for the chair stretch, use something smaller like a foot-stool or even a step. 

Warming up and cooling down
For our performance dog clients, you can learn more about appropriate warm-up and cool downs here.  Dogs over 7 years of age and in colder months should receive longer warm-ups and cool downs.

Iliopsoas (groin strains)
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For clients with suspected or confirmed psoas strains, this guide is your starting point. Dogs not making enough progress will need to be referred to a rehab specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Behaviour Training
We recommend Jas from Prime Canine, she's out in Campbelltown but well worth the drive, she is outstanding for working with aggression and behavioural challenges.  Jas is also a GRC Dog Sports trainer which involves weight pull, spring pole, slat mill, and learning how to be a great canine citizen - if I mentioned to you that your dog would benefit from "Biological fulfillment" this is your lady.

Dog Sports
If you are interested in dog sports, you can find more out at Dogs NSW

If you have a breed that has herding instinct and I spoke to you about trying this out to help your dog find biological fulfilment, one of my clients does lessons, click here.

Heat Pack
Heat packing tight and sore muscles and joints can really help your dog.  Not all dogs accept heat packs though.  Pop your heat pack in the microwave for 40 seconds, it will come out luke warm, apply to dog and leave for 5-10 minutes, apply as often as you like.

A redlight pack if your budget allows is an easier way to do this and you don't have to worry about it being too hot or getting cold too fast.
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Client only group
Please feel free to join us at our Facebook group here

Antinol Rapid
My personal & professional recommendation for all dogs regardless of age is if budget allows, to have them on Antinol Rapid. In young dogs, it acts as a preventive to joint disease, supports the inflammation of growth and improves trainability.  In dogs affected by joint disease, Antinol Rapid works in around 80% of dogs with outstanding results.  You can obtain a code to reduce your cost here.

Conditioning Program

I recommend all canine athletes are working to a conditioning program.  Generally, I don't put these together for people as what I would have you do might be things you don't enjoy and then you won't do them, so in my conditioning workbook, I walk you through how to create your own using exercises you know and like.