Probiotics + Prebiotics

We recommend that every dog, no matter what diet they consume take probiotics + prebiotics with their diet because a healthy microbiome relates to overall health and wellbeing as well as mental health.

Kibble (dry food) fed dogs have less diversity of bacteria in their microbiome which is not health-giving, therefore these dogs really should be consuming regular probiotics. We also recommend that pet parent of such dogs reduce their dog's kibble by around 20% and replace that kibble portion with fresh food such as raw meats, fresh or tinned fish (in spring water or olive oil), full-fat yogurt, and kefir. If you are curious about transitioning from kibble to a more health-giving diet, join us at our fresh food group to learn more.

Kibble-fed dogs who consume bones or are transitioning to a fresh food diet should be consuming probiotics in their diet to assist with digestion.

We have three probiotic products, both are beneficial to gut health but they target different aspects of health.  Gut Dust is a holistic type of probiotic, it contains strains for gut health, behaviour & allergies.  Brain Crumbs has strains that specifically target mental wellbeing and are ideal for dogs who suffer from anxiety. Allergy+ has strains that degrade histamine response in allergy dogs.

We have 1 main prebiotic which is 'My Doggie Fibre' which is the food for probiotics. Many dogs need more fibre in their diets than what they are currently getting but it's important to introduce it slowly and build up otherwise you could put the digestive tract under too much strain and may result in an upset tummy. You do not need to give My Doggie Fibre with any of our probiotic products as they already have pre-biotic fibre.

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