This ebook outlines which bones make the best broths, this is not a recipe book in the sense of adding optional extras such as vegetables etc.  26 different bone broths have been tested to help pet parents understand which bones make the best broth.  Bone Broth does not need complicated recipes, simply use our basic recipe with the right bones and you have a great gut loving broth.
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Have you ever wondered what bones make a good bone broth, full of beautiful gelatine and which are potentially a waste of money?

We've done the hard work for you!

We tested 26 broths in both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker which is over 700 hours of cooking to bring you this straigt forward easy to follow eBook.

This eBook contains graphic images of feet and heads that may be confronting for some views, we recommend our NO GORE version for those who do not wish to see photos of those animal parts.

Beef Soup Bone
Beef Feet
Beef Neck
Chicken Frame
Chicken Drum Stick
Chicken Feet
Chicken Neck
Chicken Whole
Chicken Wing
Crocodile Bone
Duck Feet
Duck Head
Goat Feet
Lamb Marrow Bone
Lamb Shank
Lamb Shoulder
Lamb Spine
Lamb Feet
Lamb Head
Ox Tail
Pigs Feet
Pigs Ear
Pork Soup Bone
Pork Tail
Roo Tail
Turkey Neck

E-Book - The Great Bone Broth Experiment

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