We only get one opportunity to grow puppies so it's important we grow them slowly and with the best nutrition and balance we possibly can provide. 

Raw Feeding Calculators are only a guide as are their suggested feed amounts, please be sure to assess your dog weekly and increase/decrease based on what your dog feels like under your hands (thin layer of fat over ribs so you can still feel ribs without pushing down). 

Please never allow your puppy to be chubby, this places excess strain on their rapidly growing joints that could result in growth issues.


BARF Raw Feeding Calculator or a Base Mix?
A base mix such as Vets All Natural Complete Mix Puppy is a mix you simply add meat to and it will help you reach the nutritional guidelines for puppies.  Some Novice raw feeders opt for this method which can relieve their nervousness about potentially not feeding a balanced diet according to AAFCO guidelines.

Wellbeing for dogs is a whole food supplement you can add to your home prepared meals to also help achieve a balanced meal.  You would not feed this and Vets All Natural together, you would choose one or the other.

Bones can still be fed to dogs consuming a diet of Vets All Natural and Wellbeing for Dogs.


A Raw Feeding Calculator will ask you to enter your dogs' age and weight and will provide you with a recipe to feed your dog.  This is not balanced to AAFCO or NRC Standards (industry guidelines), it uses the theory of balancing over time similar to how a dogs ancestor ate.  To work towards balancing over time, you need to ensure you are continually rotating your meat proteins i.e. chicken, beef, horse etc. as feeding one all the time will create nutrient deficiencies.  Balancing over time relies on the owner bringing variety into the dog's meals all the time, different organs from different animals, different plant matter, different meat proteins, different bones etc.

If you would like to use this method you can create recipes in one of the below ways:

App for your iPhone (Android coming soon)
Click here

Online Calculator where you enter your dog's weight and age.
If you are accessing this from a phone vs a computer you may need to download an app called 'Google Sheets' which will allow you to use Google Spreadsheets.
Click here


Commercial Raw Diets
If this all sounds just too overwhelming, you can buy premade balanced raw diets such as:

  • Prime100

  • Proudi

  • Dr Billinghurst BARF

  • Big Dog

  • Leading Edge

  • Balanced Life (Air Dried)

  • Ziwi Peak (Air Dried)

  • NZ Canine Naturals (Dehydrated)

You can also feed bones with these diets.


It's important you transition slowly, you can find more information in our Raw Feeding Info Pack



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