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The Balanced Canine Puppy Program encompasses 3 important elements in raising a puppy that pet parents aren't often aware of that helps create physically and mentally resilient dogs.

1. Conditioning

2. Bodywork

3. Nutrition


Starting with conditioning, this is an activity where we introduce puppies to different pieces of equipment to create body awareness, bravery, increasing self-control & building a strong dog-handler bond. The level of difficulty increases as they age.

Bodywork including massage, laser, and adjustments is part of our puppy development package because it helps support the rapid growth of puppies.  Gentle adjustments and puppy massage can support hip and joint health.

We never force treatment on puppies and are very used to working with wiggly babies. Preventative bodywork helps prepare puppies for when they become adults and hurt themselves which treatment may be required alongside their Vet.

Bodywork helps puppies get used to being handled so they don't grow up fearful of such things which can be problematic when they need to see a Vet, groomer, or even just to be held or cared for by a stranger. Genetics are of course in play and some dogs are simply weak nerved genetically, however, we can absolutely work with you and your puppy to help work towards a more resilient and braver puppy.

Part of bodywork also includes nails, we'll help keep your puppy's nails short (their behaviour pending) to allow them to have the correct posture and we will show you how to make nail trimming much less scary.

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Preventative health for a long healthy life starts with species-appropriate nutrition. Our focus is to help educate pet parents as to what healthy balanced food looks like vs traditional highly processed diets.

As a qualified canine nutritionist, we can prepare diet plans with a full nutritional analysis that shows you and your Vet that you're feeding a healthy balanced diet or help you find commercial options.

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Book your first puppy development program appointment here - first appointments will run for approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the puppy and costs $70.00. Follow-up appointments can either be 15-30 minutes for $35.00 or 30-60 minutes for $70.00.

Book in as many times as you like for in-person instruction.  You will also have homework.