We don't often run Workshops due to being busy in our Sydney clinic as well as them being expensive for the host, however, when we do run them, the feedback is great, there is a lot of learning, a lot of laughs and serious consideration by participants of how they can improve their dog's lifestyle.


  • Our rate for workshops is $500.00 + flights/transport and accommodation.  We are happy to be accommodated by individuals we know personally.  We will fly in the afternoon/evening before.

  • Workshops typically run for 4 hours with a lunch break.

  • Interstate hosts will be required to do Airport pick up and drop off's unless they authorise taxi fares.

  • Hosts are able to provide unlimited spot.


Hosts will need to provide:


  • Projector for PowerPoint Presentation or a large screen TV with HDMI cable to a Laptop

  • All props & equipment for workshops outside of Sydney

  • Lunch for presenter

  • Indoor location with appropriate temperature control