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Easy Peasy Dog Treats for the Domestically Challenged

I'm domestically challenged, I haven't been allowed to cook for humans for over 20 years. When I first moved to Australia, I nearly blew up our apartment with a gas oven that I had no idea how to use, but you know what?! My dogs fricken love my "cooking" (they also enjoy cat poo and dead birds) and I actually really enjoy making cool stuff for them! Do I have too much time on my hands? No! I'm actually incredibly time precious, so anything I do needs to fit into a pretty packed day. Do you know what...I actually really grrrrr when people suggest I have too much time on my hands just because I enjoy making crazy-ass stuff for my dogs...I fricken love those ferals!

So, here are some easy peasy treats for my fellow domestically challenged dog slaves - you'll need

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Garlic (chill out people, you're not going to kill your dog)

  • Can of Salmon

  • Stick Mixer or Blender

  • Baking Paper

  • Spatula or something that resembles one…maybe your hand?

  • Dehydrator or Oven

  • Did you notice that I didn't tell you how many grams etc? Because this is real life man, just use my photos as a quide or inspiration for doing it better, I don't measure anything!

Ok so first, you're going to cut up enough sweet potatoes for 2 metal oven trays, I have spread 2 cloves of garlic over the top of some of them.

I put these in the oven at 210 C for 40 minutes and then I switched the trays around and went for another 40 minutes - you should totally check on them every now and again though because if you burn them that's not my fault ok, I told you that I'm domestically challenged. You could probably just boil them but I really was going after a taste infusion and not being a slack ass because the Great Dane is super judgey when I slack off.

I then dumped the sweet potato and garlic in a bowl and stick mixed it, then added a can of Red Salmon for no other reason than I was trying to be fancy for my dogs rather than using the cheaper Pink Salmon. The can of salmon I dumped in the bowl included the bones and springwater. I stick mixed this together with the sweet potato and garlic until it was a puree. Puree is a fancy was more like thick slop. I then grabbed my dehydrator trays and lined them with baking paper, for the American followers, it's the paper you use in cooking to stop stuff sticking to stuff ok! Then I smoothed it out. Now, keep in mind that the thicker you lay it, the longer it will take to dehydrate. Can you use an oven? Sure, I didn't and I don't really do ovens, so as long as you know how to use an oven without blowing stuff up, you should be able to figure that out...I guess you just keep cooking it until the moisture isn't there anymore? Ok, so when I had finished loading my dehydrator trays up, I put them into the dehydrator and whacked it onto 70 degree C and left it overnight...I'm pretty sure running it at 70 for that long isn't recommended so you should follow the instruction book that came with your machine.

So when I checked them they weren't quite done, they were rubberly so I took the opportunity to grab some scissors and cut them up. If I were smarter, I would have just scored them before I put them in the dehydrator. So I put them back in for around 4 hours. Take them out when you think they are done and let them cool before you store them otherwise you'll end up with moisture in the container which will lead to mould (or mold if you're American). Store them in an air tight container if you plan on leaving them in the cupboard or on the bench. If you took them out of the dehydrator too early and couldn't be bothered anymore then you can just keep them in the freezer as that will stop them moulding and they'll be perfectly fine to feed straight from the freezer and the dogs won't care. Alright, fellow dog slaves, that's it from this domestically challenged one. Be sure to share your easy recipes with me and my fellow domestically challanged dog slaves at:

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