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New Client?

After 3 years of closing our books to new clients, we are now happy to advise that we are again taking new clients, this may be for a restricted period of time though so if you have been waiting, it would be best to book your first appointment soon.

What you need to know before you book with us:

Our soft tissue work includes massage, fascia work, Masterson method, Emmett's techique, stretching, class 3B laser, tens acu, body adjustments (ANMR), and fitness. 

We do not offer chiropractic or physiotherapy/rehab.

Whilst what we do gets called all kinds of things by dog guardians i.e. chiro, back lady, physio, etc. terminology can become confusing, you're welcome to touch base first to see if a service we offer is what you are after.


The majority of our clients are performance and show dogs who are seeing us to work on any nigglies and provide their monthly tune ups so they can perform at their best.

  • We do not diagnose and will refer you to a vet if appropriate.  Legally, only Vets are allowed to diagnose.

  • If your dog has a chronic condition, we may recommend our hydrotherapy service or refer you to a physiotherapist. 

  • If your dog is lame and you have rested them for 3 days, you will need to see a Vet for diagnosis and treatment.  We are happy to provide supportive therapies post-diagnosis.

Booking an appointment

Click here to be taken to the online calendar

Once you book your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation, if you do not get this, we do not have your booking.  This email will have a reschedule link if you need to utalise it so be sure to keep the email.  If you need to cancel, please contact us first so we can process your refund before your appointment is deleted as our platform doesn't offer an automatic refund on cancellation.

See our T & C's here that include our cancellation/reschedule policy

Check the client-only Facebook group for updates.


Stuff you need to know/remember

  • Our clinic is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday with late night appointments available on Friday's.

  • $40 for 15-30 minute slots, $80 for 30-60 minute slots.

  • Keep barking to a minimum - keep our neighbours happy.

  • Watch your dog for marking once on the property, and use a belly band on male dogs where necessary. 

  • I will come out when I'm ready for you, please do not come down the drive before I come for you as reactive dogs may be leaving. 

  • Do not enter through any closed gate as dogs may loose.

  • We do not provide diagnosis or medication.

  • We will refer you on if we feel it is necessary.

  • Our clinic is not child safe.


Hydrotheraphy - Underwater Treadmill

  • Hydrotherapy with Lance Garmonsway can be booked here

Border Collie on a hydrotherapy treadmill .jpg
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