New Client?

Unfortunately, we have had to close our books to new clients for our bodywork, nutrition & fitness clinic, this is because we do not have any more room for new clients.

Hydrotherapy for new and existing clients can be booked here

HOWEVER, you can jump on the waitlist group by clicking here - in this group we will post any last-minute appointments that have not been taken.  Taking one of these appointments will not make you a regular client though and your only option for future appointments is via the waitlist group.

If you obtain an appointment, please view the information under the "existing client" title.

Existing Clients

Click here to be taken to the online calendar.


Stuff you need to know/remember

  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 12:30pm-5:30pm are our hours of operation.

  • $40 for 15-30 minute slots, $80 for 30-60 minute slots.

  • Keep barking to a minimum - keep our neighbours happy.

  • Watch your dog for marking once on the property, use a belly band on male dogs where necessary. Any sniffing of indoor plants or corners will usually always result in marking behaviour in the clinic so please watch your dog carefully.

  • The front yard is not available to use.

  • I will come out when I'm ready for you, please do not come down the drive before I come for you as reactive dogs may be leaving. 

  • Do not enter through any closed gate as dogs may loose.

  • We do not provide diagnosis or medication.

  • We will refer you on if we feel it is necessary.

  • Our clinic is not child safe.


Hydrotheraphy - Underwater Treadmill

  • Hydrotherapy with Lance Garmonsway can be booked here

Border Collie on a hydrotherapy treadmill .jpg