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"There are four major brands with dental specific diets on the market. They are Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba/Iams and Advance. The only dental food that relies exclusively on its physical characteristics to help control plaque is the Hills t/d range. The other companies either incorporate a chemical plaque and/or calculus control agent into the food, or apply it asa coating to the individual kibble pieces." (1)

🦷As kibble is generally high carbohydrate, you find that kibble literally is sticking to your dog's teeth in a film that over time creates plaque and calculus that may need to be removed in costly dental work at Vets. Poor Dental health also leads to general health issues, including the heart.

🤓A 2018 study(2) about the use of brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum) in breaking down plaque and calculus on dogs teeth found that their placebo group who was fed Hill's SP Canine Adult Chicken had deteriorating dental health in a short period of time....eeek

😲"in the placebo group, which received a dry kibble diet as the only passive oral hygiene method, dental deposits accumulated significantly more quickly than in dogs treated with A. nodosum. Further, the oral health condition of the placebo group deteriorated within a relatively short period of time."

Whilst this study just refers to one kibble used, here's something you can do to help your kibble fed dog...

🥩🥦Reducing your dogs processed high carb kibble and replacing that removed portion with fresh real food will give your dogs dental health a positive break - you can learn more about fresh food feeding at our supportive mostly Australian group:

📲You can buy brown algae as used in the trial from us which is called Doggie Weed at:



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