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Nail Clippers That Were Life Changing!

Nail trimming is something brings fear into the hearts of many pet parents, they don't know where to clip, they squeeze the dogs foot or twist the toes, they get nervous and then there's a blood bath and the dog no longer wants a bar of it! A lot of the pain and discomfort comes from blunt nail clippers that squeeze the nail and that is super unfun for the dog!

A few years back, I literally brought every nail clipper on the market in Australia and tested them all out and there was 1 clear winner for me and that was the Millers Forge red handled pliers. Looking at them, I would never imagine these would be a nail clipper that I would buy or even like, they look like something you use on a tiny dog!

The 2 awesome things I love about these clippers is that they're QUIET and they're SHARP! Quiet is so important because what I have come to notice with my clients dogs is that the loud click from the clippers can trigger them. Sharp is very important because this means they will not squeeze the dogs nails causing them distress. Get the Millers Forge red handled pliers here: from our Amazon Affiliate Shop. The cons: You may need to use a larger clipper for Giant dogs, whilst I can do around 90% of dogs with these clippers some really wide nails from giants, I can't quite make it work. Learning how to clip your dogs nails takes time and patience and some courage! Check out this blog with a video to learn about the alternative cut line.

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