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SOS - 14 Puppies with Sloppy Poos

Early this week, I received a message from a Golden Retriever breeder whose adult dogs had recently been unwell and had brought a bug home. This had affected the puppies a few weeks back and their poos just hadn't bounced back. This is not fun when you have 14 puppies with immature immune systems which means their digestive systems can become upset more easily.

So, like any good canine Nutritionist, I asked for a photo of the poo hehehe. What I am looking for is mucus, blood, texture and colour which can indicate different conditions, some of which may require medical intervention. The breeder said that the poos were "jelly soft" which typically indicates that mucus is present.

At this time, we don't see any blood or huge amounts of mucus so my recommendation is to start the puppies on our My Doggie Dump Dust which is for acute digestive issues such as upset tummies. Its mode of action is to line the stomach, re-populate the digestive tract with good bacteria and provide prebiotics to feed to the good bacteria. Results should be seen very quickly and in this was the case after just one dose, the puppies poos were looking better and within 48 hours there was a lovely formed poo

If poos had not improved within 48 hours or they got worse or the puppies didn't seem lively and happy, then veterinary treatment needed to be sought as a bacterial infection is possible and would need prescribed medication to treat.

Whilst Dump Dust is perfect for acute digestive issues, our My Doggie Gut Dust is a pro and pre-biotic for every day use to support a healthy digestive system. If you only have Gut Dust at home, you can use it in times of digestive upset too. I wrote a blog back in January 2020 about using Gut Dust for sloppy poos before I released the Dump Dust product.

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