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🧐 What should I feed in my dog?

In the ideal world, we would recommend you avoid processed foods and instead reach for healthy whole foods - the same as what your Dr would recommend you eat. Focusing on gut health is an important aspect to any diet whether that be human or canine. The gut is the bodies 2nd brain and influences disease and mental health which includes the behaviour of your dog. Feeding your dog healthy fresh food which lowers inflammation in your dogs body vs promote it, is a great way to start helping your dogs gut. You can also feed gut healthy food such as cultured and fermented foods. 👩‍🔬 Your Vet might not be trained in fresh food nutrition and that's ok. If they're not trained in it then you wouldn't ask for their advice on the matter. There are plenty of Vets and other professionals trained in medical nutrition that can help you feed your dog a fresh food diet. Dr Ian Billinghurst is available for online consults, this is a great option for dogs with medical conditions who need to be guided on how to eat an appropriate diet for their condition. Vets do not receive training on how to formulate fresh food diets at University, this is something they would have to study post-grad so you're not going to find a huge amount who do. Holistic and integrative Vets are great options to chat about healthy fresh food feeding. 💚 We love our Vets and we respect their training and skill - sadly, some Vets do not support healthy fresh food diets and can give their clients a really a hard time about feeding them - but don't worry, you just need to find yourself a Vet who will support your vision and there are plenty of them :) The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society is a good link to send to your Vet if they're interested in helping you but aren't sure where to start: 🥦🥩 If your dog doesn't have a medical condition and you're interested in feeding a fresh food diet, you're welcome to join us at our fresh food feeding group where you can learn the ins and outs: 🍗 Feeding 'edible' bones is the key to fresh food feeding. marrow bones are not edible bones. Weight bearing bones of large animals can wear down and chip teeth - these are not part of a fresh food diet. Edible bones are bones such as chicken carcass, turkey necks, beef brisket etc. Selecting the right bone for your individual dog is the important part - every dog is different, one dog may be able to eat a chicken neck without issue, where as another will swallow it whole. So choosing size appropriate bones and providing supervision is the key. 💊 There are a number of supplements and base mixes you can use as a safety net to balance your dogs fresh food diet such as: - Vets All Natural Complete Mix (base mix) - Inner Winner Natural Bark (base mix) - Phuds (base mix) - Wellbeing for dogs (whole foods balancer) - Bestie Kitchen (whole foods balancer) - Predamax (synthetic balancer)

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